What is the Black/Land Project?

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Black/Land gathers and analyzes stories about the relationship between black people, land and place.

The purpose of the project is to identify and amplify the current critical dialogues surrounding the relationship between black people (including African-Americans, Caribbean-Americans and African immigrants) and land. The relationship to land may be a fifth generation family farm in the Alabama Black Belt or a neighborhood in Detroit. A public parka church filled with local history, or an immigrant community’s journey from one place to another are all stories about black relationship to land and place. The Black/Land Project gathers these stories in order to share the powerful traditions of resourcefulness, resilience and regeneration they contain. You can download a description of our program offerings here.



Let this video introduce you to how Black/Land came to inspire and convene local and national dialogues about the relationship between black people, land and place. We invite you to learn more about our mission, and our vision for this work as a foundation for social change. Our presentations and workshops continue to celebrate, ignite action to change,  and create spaces to heal the many relationships that are Black/Land.