Did you hear what they are saying about us?

People are talking about The Black/Land Project all over the country! Here’squick update on what they’re saying:

Backyard Activist  repeated YES! Magazine’sstory about the Black/Land Project as social justice activism where a small number of people with a clear vision can have a big impact.

Writing in Public reprinted“Country,” Mistinguette Smith’s essay about the romance of the rural, which was originally featured in The Common.

The Interaction Institute for Social Change reblogged the fantastic and insightful Grist Magazine interview “Black to the Land.”

And we have fifty new Twitter followers, tweeting about the presentation by Allison Guess & Tavia Benjamin on land based historical traumaduring the Tierra Y Libertad panel at the Allied Media Conference #amc2013. Missed the conversation? Our good friends at HAFA-DC captured those tweets  in a Storify here. Looking for the slide show that Guess & Benjamin presented? Find it on our Offerings page, here.

Oh, wait. We get it. You want a chance to talk with us, not about us. Stay tuned for some tweetups and Google Hangouts with the Black/Land Project this fall. Drop us a note about a topic you would like to discuss in the Comment box, below. And follow us @BlackLandProj for a conversation near you.