Where You’ll Find Us

Dear Readers,

This blog tracks the Black/Land Project through our travels. It shares themes from our interviews, and the questions we wrestle with about race, land and landscape, place-making and self-determination. In partnership with our Offerings page, this is where we share what we are learning. 

But we also get lots of information about events, popular books, scholarly papers, fascinating blog posts and breaking news about black relationships to land. We wanted a place to share these with our wider Black/Land community quickly & easily.

So now, you can follow us on Facebook. The Black/Land Project  Facebook page will have fast links to a variety of news stories, links to others editorials, blogs , events and timely opportunities that you can participate in about black people’s relationship to land and place. (I’ve even heard rumors of a pop-up reading group emerging there!)

We hope this will help you find the just-right place – on this blog, on our Facebook page, on Twitter, or in our occasional newsletter – that helpsyou to connect to the power of black relationship to land and place.

Allison, Hannah, Tavia and Mistinguette – The Black/Land Project crew